Who is Jam Rabbit, and what does he do?

This is a bit about my game and why I’m attempting to make this despite having zero knowledge about how exactly one goes about making a “computer game”


The Evolution of Jam Rabbit! Lookit him run! Run rabbit! Run!

So retro sprite platform game huh? Real original! Thing is, I started gaming with platformers on the NES (in the days before they were “Retro”) and whenever I sat down with some paper to design my own game, I always planned a 2D platform game. Fast forward over 25 years and here I am designing an actual game. And this is what I’m damn well making. Let’s face it, it’s a simple enough concept and this is my first attempt at anything like this. Hopefully not too much can go wrong…

How am I making this game? Well for starters, I won’t be kickstarting anything, unless once the game is complete I need some money to publish the game on some storefronts (consoles etc). Other than that, I’m fine chugging away on my own steam. I’m using GameMaker from Yoyo Games which has been an interesting learning experience, as well as hand animating my sprites. I’m not going to lie, the development has been slow. Due to some mental health issues, I’m not feeling super creative a lot of the time, but progress is definitely being made. One of the reasons I decided to start this site was to force myself to do enough work so that I can at least post weekly updates.

So what makes Jam Rabbit stand out? Well I’m so early into the dev side, that I really don’t know. I have some pretty interesting ideas, but who knows what’s going to make it into the final game given my utter lack of programming knowledge. I can say that the game will be an homage to the games I played in my youth, with elements from Mega Man, Metroid, Super Mario and even Metal Gear and Zelda but also offering up a very different experience. I’m hoping to create a fun open world that the player can explore with themed areas and enemies to battle.

How can you play Jam Rabbit? Good question. Again, at the stage it’s so hard to say. I have everything I need to put the game out on Windows PC and Android (So all you you OUYA owners can look forward to that) and for a fee, I think I can potentially get the game onto PlayStation Platforms. My dream achievement however would be getting a game I made onto a Nintendo platform. Will that happen? Probably not, but who knows. First I have to get the game working I guess…

TLDR: I’m making a vidya gaem.

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