How Not To Design An Enemy

A look at a great way to not design an enemy for your game.


To save some animation time I decided to create enemy palate swaps/edits instead of hundreds of unique enemies each with their own unique animations. Makes sense, right? So let’s start with my heavy/slow enemy: Pig-man (name/art not final).


Let’s compare that with an edit of the pig sprite to create a Japanese Oni alternate that will appear later in the game. Oni

This got me thinking about the “War” themed section. Do I keep the monstrous piggish form or use the sprite to come up with something more human. If I go human, what do I make him/her/it look like? What about if I try to create a more inclusive game and not make every character white? What if I made my heavy soldier… CARL “APOLLO CREED” WEATHERS from the Academy Award™ winning nominated film ‘Predator’? Then we get something like THIS!Commando

But then we need Arnie too right? I mean, not for the game, but once you’ve made one, the other has to happen. Just to see it. Otherwise you’ll never know. You’ll wake up at 5am in a cold sweat thinking “What if…” and so I did this…Commando2

And then the next OBVIOUS step was to stop working on game sprites completely and devote all my time and effort into putting these two characters together and making this happen. Dillon

And now, after hours of work I’m left with two characters who cannot be used as enemies for my game, because clearly these guys are, after some tweaking and reworking, the stars of their own future game. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you….


Or something…. Coming 2025!

Now back to work on Jam Rabbit I guess…….

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