To Boob, Or Not To Boob

Disclaimer: This was written to highlight a personal design conundrum. I’m in no way saying anyone who thinks differently from me is wrong or that breasts are somehow evil or that they don’t have a place in other games.

Once again, while working on the military themed enemies, I was working on a palate swap of my medium fast enemy, The Scout, and I hit upon a dilemma. Given that most of my enemies were either ‘male’ or ‘other/neither’ I decided I needed an obviously female enemy for the pink rabbit hero to ruthlessly murder.

Which is OKAY! I mean, he murders men too! It’s not, like, violence against women! I mean, okay, it IS violence. And it IS directed at women… Sometimes… But not, you know, like, sexist. Lots of men will die at the hands of this living preserve creature. Or, get knocked out. I honestly haven’t given the deaths much thought yet…

ANYWAY, I was creating this female enemy and I had a problem. Do I give the enemy boobs or not? If I do, am I sexualising her?  And, sexualising her possibly violent death? What to do….


So I started by drawing a version with breasts, then without… Then I thought about how this character would be running most of the time. Hmmm…

Purely as a design element, they bring nothing to the character. Boobs are great, but the Scout would, in a real life battle environment, surely opt for something a bit more practical. A sports bra or something. Support and all that. Although even with overly emphasised, animated boobs, the Scout would be a bad-ass.

At least I didn’t give her a bow, right?



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